Thanks to Karen for a wonderful evening!!

Next month is our final classic for 2010, Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. The meeting is October 19th at my house. Start thinking of selections for next year.



The Gun

C.J. Chivers’ “The Gun” will be released on October 12th.  It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com as well as a couple of other sites.  The book is going to be a tremendous read, one that will resonate across several different spectrums:  historians, gun nuts, social scientists, conspiracy theorists, veterans and more.  There is one chapter in particular involving the famous M-16 fiasco that stands a good chance of being converted into a major motion picture.  Several magazines, including Esquire, will also be serializing the book in the coming month.  The early reviewers are universally enthralled. 

Book Signing Tour will include a stop at the Saratoga Springs Barnes & Noble off Exit 15 on Saturday November 13th at 2:00 p.m.  I assume this will involve some feeding and watering back at Dawn’s house afterwards …details to follow on that front.  www.cjchivers.com

Baby Abigail

Lynn and family welcomed to the world Abigail Elizabeth on 9/17 at 10:59PM. She is 19.5 inches long and 8lbs 6oz.

September Meeting

Join us Tuesday Sept. 17 at Karen’s where we’ll discuss A Happy Marriage.

Red That 8/17

I am looking forward to hosting our next Red That meeting next Tuesday at 7.  We will be discussing “The Postmistress”.  Hope everyone can make it!

Karen’s sister Kim will be joining us next Tuesday again. Many of you met her last year at the Twilight book club. Also, my friend Dorothy will also be joining us. She has great taste in books and red wine, and can talk with the best of them!